FHS: Highest incest rate in years

SVG remake by WClarke based on original by User:Sg647112c / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

In a recent report published by The Federal Health Service of Arctischia (FHS) it was reported that the incest rate in Arctischia has reached an all time high since 1984. The rate back then was 8 occurrences of incest for every 100 sexual interactions. Today the rate has reached an all time high of 12.4 per 100 sexual interactions. In addition to this shocking information the report states that “the region responsible for around 75% of the incest occurrences is New England.” which is sure to shock those living in neighboring New Scotland since they are more widely known for incest than New England is.

In response to this the federal government is launching a new service, the Bundesvölkerregister (the Federal People’s Register), which will work similarly to Iceland’s “Íslendingabók” but as supposed to being primarily used to trace back ancestry it is primarily used to prevent incest between young adults. Becoming a member of the program is not compulsory but signing up for the program gives you a 100% discount off of STD check-ups which would cost you around 20$ normally, so for most people it makes fiscal sense to sign up for the program.

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