Arctischia COVID-19 free

Source: CDC

Thanks to the freezing climate of Arctischia and the government’s response to the pandemic Arctischia is finally COVID-19 free. The last month no new COVID-19 cases were reported and starting on next Friday the ban for public gatherings has been lifted and the 2 metre rule will be gradually relaxed.

Scientists from Arctischia’s Institute of Technology are now nearing the end of finalizing research for a vaccine to cure the disease. Testing on animal test subjects will begin shortly and if successful the vaccine will start to be rolled out to COVID-19 test stations to vaccinate those who are tested. The directorate for public health gave a speech about the scientific improvements Arctischia has made which included the following quote: “Thanks to our great scientists we can finally start relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions and start the recovery of our economy”. Happy cheering could be heard all over the city centre of the capital Frankhofstadt as the public heard the last words of the speech.

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