Arctischia declares war on government spying tools, birds!

We all know about the bird “animals” that are used by the USA and Russia and other money hungry fat nations to spy on their citezens. Yesterday, the leaders of Arctischia have decided to not follow their oily capitalist dirty disgusting hands of the “sovereign nations”‘s way, and not do mass citezen survailance through birds, and any bird that lands on the Federal Republic of Arctischia will be shot & lethally damaged. This will prevent the power hungry capitalists from obtaining information on Arctischia’s citizens.

China is using robotic bird drones with cameras to monitor its ...
(a prime example of birds)

The leader “Shady Goat” has further stated that they will fight with fire and furry on any other spying techniques like Giraffe (Grand information radio and fucking filing electronics) and Cake (Comfortable annihilation kilometre electronics). It is a lie.

Furthermore, the great nation of Arctischia will file a claim with the newly joined CNN (not CNN news), specifically the ECJ to legally remove those nationalist nations of the face of this earth!

The leaders have not yet fully clarified on the means of how they will destroy them all, but has mentioned fake birds to lure in the “real” birds.

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