Boomer leaders refusing goat civil rights

Most leaders in under the control of the great nation of Arctischia are Zoomer kids, and they rule with epic rule. However, it has been relieved with urgency that the capitalist leaders (Mainly <redacted :D>) have been allegedly opposing the publicly supported Goat’s Rights movement in private. While many have been allegedly tricked by their capitalist lies during speeches pre-election, some frighting information have come from an anonymous source that in private they have been making anti goat remarks.

In protest to this, many Goat rights activists have proposed to make a Goat Empire, although that idea is not widely publicly supported. It is true however that a lot of the activists have stormed the house of <redacted>, and a lot of the outside supporters (activists from other nations, not as great as ours), have stormed <redacted>’s off shore property and have taken hostage over all they could get their hands on.

A couple of the activists at an offshore house of <redacted>

The activists demand a civil rights act to be passed now, but so far the only response from <redacted> was allegedly “fuck no” (sent via Discord to the great leader Shady Goat, at 10:05pm, Arctischia time)

As the story develops, the CNA will write articles updating all on this situation

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