The great nation of Arctischia bans dog abuse, with an execution order

After a troubling case with Mr. Andrew Garfield McGoo and his dog, the court has ruled to punish dog abusers with a firing squad.

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On the 19th of July Mr. Andrew Garfield McGoo’s neighbors have reported potential animal abuse from Mr. Andrew’s household. The next day the ASS (Arctischia Secret Services) have made a sting operation to catch Mr. Andrew red handed. It was successful, and the court found Mr. Andrew guilty and the sentencing was being decided on for the past month. In the end, the Jury have decided to use a quick and easy way to dispose of the filth that stains the Federal Republic of Arctischia is with the help of a firing squad.

The Judge has further rules that all confirmed cases of animal abuse will be dealt with similarly.

Glory to Arctischia!

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