Council of Concentrated Koreans says “why?”

Breaking news! The earlier established Council of Concentrated Koreans has started questioning the ways of our great leaders, and started asking if their council was truly necessary. Now, since the council was establish around 8th of September, the council has already decided on some truly life changing things.

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Maxx Gong, one of the leaders telepathically signing the “Fuck Me Harder” (FMH) bill

Now, allegedly, when the council first got together, they signed the “Fuck Me Harder” (FMH) bill. The FMH bill has already brought major change to the population size of the great nation, and has brought great positive impact on our economy.

However, allegedly they all have asked the great leaders why is this council a thing, and try denying the fact that they signed any bills.

Before publishing, we have received word that after a major operation with the Bundesnachrichtendienst (National Intelligence Service), all 8 major members have allegedly died in a shoot out, for consummations of Chemical XYZABCDOGSAREUSEDTOMAKETHISCHEMICAL123, which is a drug like chemical which is not produced by any nation, as it was deemed that the production of it is animal cruelty. The main ingredient of this drug is dead puppies, and the only way to make this is to use homemade, as such urgent, deadly force needed to me taken. The COCK has been disbanded.

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