Arctischian visiting North Korea released from custody after the Ministry of Sovereignty threatens “military action”

On Friday the 25th of september the Ministry of Sovereignty threatened the North Korean regime with military action after the regime’s police forces had captured Arctischian traveller James Stewart and sent him to custody for photographing the North Korean side of the border. The traveller had arrived in North Korea with his mates only 7 days prior hoping to get an insight into the mysterious country. After the capture the Ministry of Sovereignty had asked North Korea to let the traveller go or else the regime would risk losing diplomatic ties with one of the greatest military powers in Europe. In response the regime decided to also take Arctischian diplomats into custody for “violating diplomatic terms” which prompted the Ministry of Sovereignty to threaten military action against the regime specifically targeting the Kim dynasty. When North Korea responded with a slap in the face to the government of Arctischia the Bundesverteidigungsamt (Federal Defence Agency) launched several attacks on North Korea’s government headquarters including military equipment storage facilites. After several hours of constant attacks capable of overpowering the North Korean armed forces, the North Korean government was forced to release the young traveller and the diplomats. They were then escorted via the government A380 back home to New Scotland.

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